Photo Journal – Week #17

Do you photography and all of its process as more of an indoor activity or an outdoor one?  Explain.

Due to lighting and equipment, my photography has been more outdoors.  But,  I recently acquired access to better equipment, so I am going to be trying more indoor photography.  I want to get some photos of musicians, so I am going to be trying some indoor shots with challenging lighting situations.

I would like to be able to take pictures like these.

Photo Journal – Week #16

Make a photocopy of a new image that speaks to you profoundly at the end of this class and in writing dissect the image and determine why it is so strong.  Paste the photocopied image in the journal and address how your view of what creates a powerful and meaningful image has changed over this semester?  (Compare and contrast this entry with the first response/Week 1).

I still stand by my critique from week one – powerful images have clear subject, emotional content, etc., but I would change it in one way.  I have decided this semester that I have a strong perference for photography that is not posed, or is only slightly posed.  Candid shots of people engaged in activities is more powerful than the staged.  If someone sees that I’m taking their picture and smiles or turns away, that does not diminish the reality of the setting, but the truly candid are the most powerful.

Photo Journal – Week #15

Is social documentary work the most powerful imagery that we see?  Explain.

I think social documentary work stays with you the longest … those are the hardest ones to forget and so because of that I would say yes, they are the most powerful.

Photo Journal – Week #14

How has some particular current advertisement, imagery, or commercial work had an emotional effect on you recently?  Briefly describe the work and what your response was as well as what formal elements created the pieces strength.

The recent video advertising Surface, Microsoft’s new tablet is very cool.  It is a very visual piece, lots of visual rhythm, symmetrical balance, active lines.  It made me want one … and I’m a Mac!! I feel so guilty …. 😦

Photo Journal – Week #13

How does digital photography affect the craft of photography as an art form?  Is digital good for photography?  Bad?  Why? At what point does manipulation of an image become dishonest for you?

I’m still trying to figure this one out.  If the image is obviously manipulated, then I think that is fine.  And using basic techniques, like fill light to pull out details from shadows, that is fine because you are just exposing what is really there.  I think it totally depends on the audience.  Inserting birds or trees into an image such that the viewer thinks that is really what was happening at the time, is a little more questionable.

So the answer is, it depends … mostly on the audience of the image.

Photo Journal – Week #12

Explain what a grief shot is?  Are there valid uses for them publicly?  Why or why not?

This difficult.  To exploit someone’s most painful moment – there must be some greater good being served.  If it is used to communicate something that could save someone’s life, then yes, capture the photo and print it.  But every single photo should be scrutinized to ensure that the purpose is motivated by the welfare of others and not just voyeurism.

The picture below is of a mother brought to the scene of a fatal shooting involving her child.

Photo Journal – Week #11

Who are the Paparazzi and what do they do?

They go to extremes to get pictures of celebrities or otherwise hard to capture subjects that are worth tons of money.  California has passed some anti paparazzi laws because of issues that have arisen out of paparzzi being a little more aggressive with their photography than the subjects are comfortable with.

The picture below was taken by  paparazzi of Actor Alex Baldwin hitting another paparazzi whom he said hit him in the face with a camera in an attempt to get a close-up shot.

Photo Journal – Week #10

Is the subject in a photograph always of paramount importance?  How does environment and setting inform us about the subject?

The setting can be more important than the subject.  Here are two pictures of girls in their swimsuits – different context communicates vastly different ideas.

Photo Journal – Week #9

Describe the most important image you have seen in the past few weeks?  Relate why it was important to you and how its importance may go unnoticed by another person.

If you’re a nerd, you’ll get this … if you’re not, I can’t explain it to you.

Photo Journal – Week #8

What is more important in a photograph, the technical process that creates the image, or the concept behind the images meaning?

This one is easy.  All you have to do is consider photos that are “the only pic I have of …” and then you quickly find that even a bad image of something precious is more important than the technical process. is the only family photo of this gentleman’s that survived a house fire.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg

This is the only existing photo of Marilyn Monroe with John F. Kennedy.

This is the only known photo of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg.