One-Minute Movie

Our first assignment for MPC 6300 was a short movie. Tell a story in 60-seconds. Use multiple shots and angles. Remember the rule of thirds. Make sure the music fits the story.

It takes Balls

starring Cory “Bubba” Cunningham


This was a way fun project!  It was shot on location in the span of about an hour; I spent about an hour in pre-production.  It took me about four hours in post production to edit it, add music, and titles.  Here are the steps I took:

  • Storyboard – I outlined the components I wanted my story to have:  1) setup, 2) closeup, 3) start action, 4) action, 5) resolution, 6) consequences, 7) ending.
  • Casting – I spent the majority of my budget hiring the best actor available.
  • Brainstorming – In trying to come up with a story, my talent suggested the golf course.  The Mr. Bean-inspired story was conceived while driving to the location.
  • Multiple shots – I recorded 37 separate scenes  with several takes of each scene.
  • Editing – I sequenced my movie and then edited, and edited, and edited some more.  I cut one scene completely, shortened several, and borrowed from a couple that were out of order to complete the story.
  • Music selection – While filming I was imagining some distortion guitar; music was selected from ZeroFree.
  • Titles –  Titles were selected from existing Final Cut Pro templates.

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