Catch and Release

The assignment was to conduct an interview combined with an event or demonstration.  In this video, Cory “Bubba” Cunningham talks about his tips and techniques for fly fishing on the Weber River.

This was a challenging video to shoot.   The changing angle of the sun, trains going by, other fishermen …

I ended up shooting the interview twice, as the sun and shadows shifted on Bubba’s face so much the first time it was distracting.

Note to self:  Shoot interviews in the shade whenever possible.

I also learned that when you interview a subject, you never know quite what they are going to say.

Note to self:  For a good time, always interview quirky characters whenever possible. 

Third item of interest, the river is not quiet.   Trains, babies crying, kids yelling, car horns – it all seemed so peaceful until I started recording.

Note to self:  Record lots of B-audio whenever possible.

This was a fun shoot.  I learned a lot, especially about lighting.  It helps to have a video expert on the set.

Note to self:  Always hire excellent talent for your films whenever possible.


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