Photo Journal – Week #1

The journal assignment asks,”What elements make an exceptionally powerful photograph?”

Subject – The first thing that comes to mind is human interaction or accomplishment. Although pictures of nature are beautiful and relaxing, the ones that seem most powerful have as their subject humans connecting … or building … or helping each other in some fashion.

Clarity – I think the most powerful images are direct and to the point. The viewer can immediately take in the content. The message is boldly stated.

Emotional response – powerful photos are catalysts to our emotions. They compel us to care about the people in the photos.


This image of a child tracing a name from the Vietnam War Memorial was striking to me. It has all three components I just mentioned. Subject – a child tracing the name if a loved one while someone else helps him. Clarity – we can instantly tell what is happening in this photo. An emotional response – I felt instant compassion for this little boy.

Image retrieved from:


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