Photo Journal – Week #2

Is a picture always “worth a thousand words”?  Why? Why not? Defend your premise that either photography can be superior to written and spoken language or it is not.

My instinctual response to this question is, “Yes, of course,” but the longer I thought about it they more I questioned my response.  I know a picture can replace a thousand words and communicate subtle messages and, it can do it much quicker than the time it takes to read a thousand words.  But communicating technical information, or mathematics, or explaining the “why” of something … these are harder to communicate with a picture alone.  I think this is why we are slowly integrating these two methods of communication.

Graphical user interfaces are combining images and text in order to be effective and efficient.  Images alone don’t always work, until the images become associated with word or concept of their own.  At that point, they are no longer just pictures – they are now symbols, which makes them text, which means we have come full circle.


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