Photo Journal – Week #3

Look up two Formalist Photographers and two Conceptualist Photographers and respond to the two disparate groups.  Which method of working and seeing is most powerful?  Why?


Graham Kuhn is a formalist photographer who uses black and white photography to emphasize the lines and subjects of his images.  He has mastered the art of emphasis – there is not question when you look at his images, what the photo is about.  He uses formal elements of line and balance extremely well.  He has also mastered the human element as well.  His photographs tell a story about people.  This human element is missing in some other formalist works, and I find I like his approach very much.

Cornell Capa has a similar style to Kahn in that he also liked black and white photography, strong lines, strong focal points, and human elements with stories to tell.


These images shot by students from ____ are what I consider conceptual photography.  A Google search of “conceptual photographers” displays images that are conceptual by subject, but are formal in the construction – most of those images were constructed studio shots of an abstract nature, but formally composed.  My idea of conceptual photography is more along the lines of creating a mood or communicating emotion.


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