Photo Journal – Week #16

Make a photocopy of a new image that speaks to you profoundly at the end of this class and in writing dissect the image and determine why it is so strong.  Paste the photocopied image in the journal and address how your view of what creates a powerful and meaningful image has changed over this semester?  (Compare and contrast this entry with the first response/Week 1).

I still stand by my critique from week one – powerful images have clear subject, emotional content, etc., but I would change it in one way.  I have decided this semester that I have a strong perference for photography that is not posed, or is only slightly posed.  Candid shots of people engaged in activities is more powerful than the staged.  If someone sees that I’m taking their picture and smiles or turns away, that does not diminish the reality of the setting, but the truly candid are the most powerful.


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